Make America wake up and vote again!


Allow Trump Alarm To Drive You To The Polls

Do you need a reminder of why you should wake up and vote for Hillary Clinton on November 8th and not just sleep through this election? Well, a normal alarm clock isn’t going to work. That’s why we built THE TRUMP ALARM – the most offensive and effective alarm clock ever. It’s a free iOS app designed to wake you up physically and politically on Election Day with the most alarming sounds ever – awful, frightening and dangerous Donald Trump sound bites.


This may sound like the worst thing in the world. But it’s a lot better than handing him the nuclear codes for the next four years.


Now available in the app store, The Trump Alarm will spew terrible Trump sound bites out every hour on the hour from the time polls open until polls close on Election Day reminding Hillary supporters and Hillary-leaning supporters to vote. Following the old adage you “if you snooze, you lose and then Trump wins,” we did not build a snooze button into the alarm clock. In order to motivate people to get to the polls, the Trump Alarm will only be disabled when a user takes a picture of himself/herself after he or she has voted.


The Trump Alarm was developed by a group of developers, designers, and writers who were motivated by the fear that voter apathy could lead to a Trump Presidency. So they wanted to use his own words against him.


“The Trump Alarm is NSFW only because Trump is NSFW,” said writer and creative director Kemp Baldwin.  “If you are embarrassed about having these sound bites coming out of your pocket than you should be embarrassed and scared of them coming out of your President’s mouth. Vote and you only have to listen to them for one more day. Snooze and we could have four more years of this.”


Make America Wake Up and Vote Again.


About the Creators

Fearing low voter turnout, a team of concerned civically-minded engineers -- who happen to all be women horrified by Trump's misogynistic and sexist comments -- and one writer/creative director created the Trump Alarm to shock people out of their complacency and into the polls to vote for Hillary. The team includes team leader and lead developer Julie Yaunches, writer/creative director Kemp Baldwin, UX and graphic designer Sarah Dulat, and developers Stephanie Guevara, Angelica Bato and Roshni Natarajan. They’re With Her.